Where I am

Write from where you are.

That was what I told a small writing group struggling with writer’s block some years ago. It was borrowed wisdom from Julia Cameron (the author of The Right to Write). It’s certainly true that when faced with a blank page, writers sometimes stall. Either, we suddenly don’t know what to say, or indeed there’s so much to say it’s hard to know where to begin.

The remedy: write precisely about where you are. 

What are you sitting on? What can you see? How old are you now? What’s that like?

Even overwhelmed by nothing or everything, we can still look around and write about it. And that’s what I’m doing now.

I’ve got a whole lot of backstory and plenty of things to say. Yet, I need to start where I am right now on 14th December 2016.

It’s 10 pm. I’m sitting at the worn wooden desk I share with my partner in our tiny spare room. The sound of the hard drive fan and my tapping on the keyboard fills the space. There’s tension in my fingers because I’m holding back from bashing the keys as is my usual custom. The reason? Two sleeping baby boys in the next room. Little ticking time bombs.

I’m using up (oh so precious) sleep time because I want to change my fortune. I want to try to achieve what I dream: 

I want to become a screenwriter.

Contrary to what it might look like, I don’t actually want to be a blogger, but it feels right to document the journey. Read more about all that here.

The problem is, I’m in debt, extremely time-poor and rather tired so that makes things difficult. But I have to at least try. It suddenly feels incredibly overdue.

I regret not writing my screenplay in the years BB (Before Babies) when time was seemingly abundant.

What the hell I did with all those ‘spare’ hours? Dossed about, had existential crises, surfed the net and generally spread out on a chaise longue of no responsibility, most probably. Oh, and I was trying to run a small writing business.

So, that’s where I am. Typing as softly as I can, in a tiny room and starting a blog.

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Elizabeth x

P.S if you’re interested in the post in the pic, check out the site here.





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