10 Steps to Blog

One of my aims for this blog is to share what I learn along my journey to make it useful to fellow dream-chasers and budding screenwriters. So, in that spirit, here’s how I created this blog…

I could easily have spent weeks researching, designing and editing. I tend to second-guess things like this, strive for perfection (which of course I never achieve) and change my mind about what I want. My first website took me well over a month to finish and it was a flamin’ drag-and-drop template.

This time, I created my online presence in A DAY.

What changed?

I kept things simple and (constantly) reined myself in. Even I recognise I don’t have the time I used to. I now run my previously 5-7 days a week business in three days (and that’s debatable) and I have two wily one-year-olds to raise. So, I knew this time I couldn’t faff about.

I may change the template later but I’m going to try not to get too hung up on details at present. As long as I can write easily and people can read my content it’s all good.

The Really Quick Solution

If you’d like to get a blog up and running very quickly, you can sign up to a free site like WordPress.com (different to WordPress.org), Wix or Medium in moments. Then, you can tweak the design (in Medium you don’t even need to do that as there’s only one format) and start writing.

However, I wanted to own my site without ads, tailor it a little and have a clear domain name so this is what I did:

My Ten Steps to Setting up a Blog

  1. I read a few blog posts on how to create a blog: The Write Life, Make a Website Hub, Blogging Basics 101
  2. I put the word ‘screenwriter’ into Namevine and scrolled through all the versions that came up – finally deciding on Project Screenwriter
  3. I chose to go with WordPress.org as it’s well established, has plenty of tutorials, loads of flexibility and, ultimately, I own it so no one can pull the plug. This also means I need to make sure I back it up and protect it so I’ll have to keep an eye on that… I chose Bluehost (for the hosting) and Godaddy for the domain name
  4. I referred back to the blogs above to see how to start WordPress, as well as reading Start a WordPress Blog
  5. Once in WordPress I penned my first blog (Where I am) and then examined what it looked like in a free template – it was OK
  6. Within an hour I decided I’d gone off the template and spent the longest time trying to find ‘the one’, referring to several blogs including Free WordPress Themes for Writers. I settled on The Minimal template (for now)
  7. I wrote my about page
  8. I made a short content plan for future blogs
  9. I did some editing
  10. I launched it, going live on WP and announcing it to friends on my social media sites

Job done!

Any questions about how I made my blog? Hit me up in the comments 🙂

Elizabeth x

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