Screenwriting books

I’ve begun many of my journeys with a ‘how to’ book. Even if I’ve ended up cursing and chucking it over my shoulder, the habit is long established and reassuring. So, I gathered all the books on my shelf that were related to writing and this pile was the result.

The lowdown

I’ve read the War of Art, which is fabulous for creatives, outlining the struggle to battle our inner demons and just GET ON WITH THE DAMN WORK.

And I’ve read The Right to Write, or rather I enjoyed doing the exercises, as it’s very interactive and nurturing.

Neither is directly about screenwriting.

I started the lauded Story at some point in the past but found it quite worthy, wordy and I didn’t have the patience at the time.

To recap: one of the key themes of this whole adventure is that I’m time-limited or time challenged, time-throttled? Lengthy musings on screenwriting/story theory or clever reflections on the craft have no place here.

I just want to know how to do it. The writing of the screenplay thing.

And with sleep deprivation colouring my life, I need the instructions to be clear and to the point.



It was recommended to my partner, Matthew, who is a filmmaker and screenwriter himself. He says it’s been useful. As you can see from the strapline, it says: ‘the last book on screenwriting you’ll ever need.’

I’ll let you know…


P.S. If you have any thoughts on the above books (or others) – please share below 🙂


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