I’m Elizabeth and I love writing stories.

I’ve dabbled in short stories, poetry and fan fiction but screenplays are my favourite (hence the name of this here blog).

Why screenplays?

I love to be entertained and relish the idea of my screenplay as the blueprint, inspiring other creative folk to bring a story to life – and entertain me in return. When this collaborative process goes well, it’s greater than the sum of its parts. At its best, it’s magnificent – and so much better than I could make alone.

I want to move and inspire, explore life’s themes and connect to my fellow human beings.

As a mother to twins, I’m permanently time-challenged and sleep-deprived.

So you could say there are a few obstacles but I’m doing it anyway.

Some noteworthy achievements

Back in 2011, I wrote a thriller TV pilot (The Pact) which was shortlisted in the BBC’s Heartlands competition. Ultimately, I didn’t win anything, except a modicum more confidence in my abilities and I was encouraged to keep writing.

Since then I’ve taken a meandering path, including quitting a well-paying, if stressful, job to go freelance, and later having two bouncing twin boys. When the boys turned one I started to get more sleep and, thirsty for creative output, I decided to pick up the trail again and started this blog – and more writing.

I’ve since written another TV pilot (Jackpot) which is doing the scheme/competition rounds. And I’ve been selected to be part of Room 204, an initiative run by Writing West Midlands to support emerging writers.

In writing this blog, I aim to:

  • Explore screenwriting (and other forms of writing)
  • Share what I learn

If you’d like to:
(a) learn how to write with no time, money or energy
(b) find out about how to become a screenwriter
or (c) watch me quite possibly lose my marbles in the attempt

Then please follow along.

I will (no doubt) continue to take a meandering path but I aim to provide insight, tips, musings, resources and possibly a dose of entertainment, or at the very least some schadenfreude.

The person you’ll be following is a mother to now six-year-old twin boys, living in Birmingham (UK) with a wonderful partner. I promise to be real. After all, I don’t have the energy not to be.


P.S I love Instagram and share writerly insight there – if you’re a fellow writer or creative come and say hi!

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