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My wee portfolio focusing on screenwriting and articles.

Scripts in action

Working with Be Inspired Films, I wrote the script for this short film, ‘Ten Years On’ for client Nesta/Derbyshire Council.

Actors play the parts of three real-life humans whose testimonies we adapted for the story. They reflect on their time in care, remembering the key people and support that helped them along the way. It’s a moving film, depicting just how heroic these individuals are, and what they can achieve given proper, timely care and support.

The video was nominated for “Best Promotional Picture” by the Royal Television Society – Midlands Awards 2015


Late is a short film I wrote, produced and directed way back in 2006 through the Call the Shots amateur filmmakers scheme.

The story is about Peter and his casual approach to life which eventually bites him on the arse when he’s issued an ultimatum by his girlfriend. Starring Lara Dignum and Lewis Harwood.

It’s certainly an amateur, low-budget creation, shot over a weekend. It’s purpose: to allow us to create, play and learn. It was a fun time and I was proud to have actually made a film!

The finished piece was shown in ArtsFest in Birmingham and at numerous other indie screenings. I wanted to put it here as a reminder that things don’t have to be perfect to be worthwhile.


The New Lara Croft is a Feminist Icon But I Will Miss Her Trademark Curves

An article published in HuffPost UK about the newest Tomb Raider game and why Lara Croft is a heroine of mine. Hint: her boobs are important.

Read it here.

Why Everyone’s Ignoring The Women Who Play Video Games

Another offering for HuffPost.

Did you know: UK females are more likely than males to play computer games? What about the fact that around 45% of US gamers are women and the average female player is 36? No? I talk about why here.

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